OUr Programs


Forward Teaching provides a series of training programs that will support the current classroom teachers in classroom management, classroom discipline, learning environment and lesson design. Forward Teaching also provides motivational workshops that will encourage and inspire teachers to continue the hard work they do in the classrooms every day. These workshops will celebrate them, and focus on personal goal setting, shifting of the mindset and how to sustain happiness in their career. These workshops will give them fresh tools they need to achieve excellence daily.

Mission: To educate, encourage and support current teachers through training programs and workshops.

S.C.O.P.E. (Self-esteem can optimize purpose and excellence)

S.C.O.P.E. was created to support teenaged girls during a pivotal time in their lives when peer pressure is very relevant. This program is designed to empower and support them through specific activities, role playing, and providing a safe place to have open dialogue about issues concerning self-esteem challenges.

Mission: To educate young girls between the ages of 10-18 in basic skills that will improve confidence, independence and self-worth.


Read to Me is a literacy-based program for students 4-8 years old that partners with children’s books authors that will come to the school, read to the students, conduct an activity and provide the school or classroom with books. The program is designed to motivate the students to read and become connected with reading through physical contact with the author. The students will receive a deeper understanding of the story and be able to connect the book with the author. This is also an opportunity for teachers to celebrate authors and give them a platform to display their relevance to the students.

Mission: To establish a connection between reading and authors by providing opportunities for authors to meet students and engage in conversations and activities with them about the book.


Classroom Rock is an event held annually for primary and secondary village schools to distribute school supplies to students and teachers. This event is designed to unveil the supplies that have been donated to the students and teachers in a fun way that will celebrate the future accomplishments of the school as a whole. The event will include performances, food, activities, music and fun!

Mission: To distribute school supplies to teachers and students in village schools in a fun, engaging way.


Goal Focused is a program that will teach students preparing for college how to goal set, journal and reflect in order to be successful with coursework and future business endeavors. In this program students will learn how to brainstorm, mind map, forecast and organize thoughts to prepare them to become substantial goals. Students will be encouraged to be creative and even trained on how to effectively present themselves in a goal focused manner.

Mission: To introduce tools to students preparing for college that will assist them in forward thinking and organization in order to achieve excellence and success.