About us

The Chalkboard Project Africa is a non-governmental (profit) Organization based in Accra, Ghana. The Chalkboard Project seeks to provide support to the communities and education sector in the Greater Accra Region. The Project provides support through educational based programs specifically targeting teachers and youth between the ages of 4-18.

The Chalkboard Project Africa was birthed from the passion of our President Tiffany Dillard. Ms. Dillard visited Ghana for the first time in February of 2020. Her solo backpacking trip was initially planned to take her through 8 West African countries but when she reached Ghana, the people and the culture captured her heart. She began to volunteer in the schools and immediately found that this was the country that she needed and that needed her. By the middle of March 2020, The Chalkboard Project Africa was born and officially established in September 2020.

Tiffany explains in her own words:

“I want to help cultivate a positive and ambitious mindset in the youth of this country. There is so much talent and passion to succeed. They just need someone to consistently support them and give them the tools they need to succeed.”

“Teachers are some of the hardest working individuals all over the world. I am a teacher and educator so I know what is needed. I want to provide an outlet for the teachers in Ghana to get the materials and tools they need to be successful. They need support, they need consistent training, they need encouragement.”

We seek to service teachers and students to provide a wholistic solution to the challenges we see in the educational system in Ghana. We are not interested in bringing western practices to the country per se, but instead, we seek to evaluate the specific needs of the students here and “marry” the two concepts to create programming that will solely benefit the needs of this educational system. At the same time, preserving the culture and practices.

The Chalkboard Project Africa believes that we will have an impact that will be seen in generations to come.


Supporting and transforming thriving communities in Africa through holistic cutting-edge programs.


To provide direct training and implement holistic research-based programs, that will support building and advancing the future of African communities.


To provide a resource for supporting teachers and students in schools and communities, by offering training, empowerment, and innovative programming.